🍪Token registration

register, registerTypes, asSingleton, asFactory

Value can be a class definition, primitive, or a function.

container.register('key', value)

New Instance

container.register('key2', value).asPrototype()

Use the same instance (default)

container.register('key3', value).asSingleton()

Register with context: @Inject('paramKey') ... it will replace injection keys (this enables to create different variants)

container.register('key4', value)
    .withContext({'paramKey': 'otherKey', 'paramKey2': 'otherKey2'})

Register constant (can be primitive, function, etc)

container.register('key4', 'some constant').asConstant()

Registration by type with a random key (if you don't want to enable auto-creation you can still use this)

container.registerTypes([MyClass, Myclass2])


container.register('factoryKey', FactoryClass).asFactory();
container.register('factoryResult', String).asFactoryResult('factoryKey');

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